I’m an Author. Do I Need an Author or Personal Website?

YES!!!   Whether you publish your book through a traditional publisher or go the self-publishing route, you will most definitely need to build an author website.

An author website provides a framework in which to showcase your book while also housing a blog, a place to post some book reviews, links to any radio or podcast guest spots you’ve done, and a brilliant way to capture a substantial email list to keep in touch with your fan base.

As a self-published author, there is really no way around the necessity of having an author website. It is the anchor for all other promotional efforts.

The purpose of creating an author website is twofold: to elevate your credibility as a professional writer and to increase your online footprint. Both of these functions are intrinsic to the ultimate success of your book.

For example, you pen a blog and publish it on your website. You then push the blog out on several social media platforms, selecting one or two to promote with paid ads. This drives traffic to your website, where your book is prominently featured, as well as sending readers directly to an online bookseller through the link in your ad.

An author’s website is crucial in building relationships with your audience and it is a place for readers to visit at their convenience. The website acts as a portal into an author’s world.

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